Awesome Trick Shot Video

Ultimate-FrisbeeWhen talking about your favourite sports how many times does Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee turn up?  We are guessing not often! However both are absolutely amazing sports and we decided to watch a couple of cool videos about them! We decided they are that awesome we had to share one with you.

They are two completely different sports that use different rules, equipment and skills. However they do have one thing in common. Trick shots! These guys have been practicing for years and have decided to show off their skills to the world.

Now from experience its hard enough to pass normally but to do the shots they do is amazing and requires some special skills!

Just think how you could be doing this after a few years of throwing that Frisbee or passing the ball. Maybe you even have your own trick shots in a sport you play. Why not show them off? Or just be lazy

Both sports are fun and enjoyable and would love new players to join in. Instead of just passing that Frisbee in the park or shooting ‘hoops’ in the garden why not get involved. The resources below are great places to start.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with being lazy (like us) and watch the video hundreds of times… and dreaming of that winning pass.

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