‘Aye-Aye’ and ‘Too Small to Fail’

For younger children

AyeAyeThis Book Belongs to Aye-Aye

By Richard Byrne

Aye-Aye’s dream is to be in a picture book so when he joins Miss Deer’s Academy for Aspiring Picture-Book Animals, he hopes that his dream can at last come true, especially when Miss Deer announces a competition to win a special prize.

Aye-Aye hopes the prize will be to appear in a picture book. However, Aye-Aye is neither cute nor fluffy and the twin rabbits, who are both cute-looking and fluffy, set out to make sure they win the competition.

However, all their plans backfire because what the competition is really looking for is the most helpful animal in the class – so will Aye-Aye get his wish after all? There’s a great twist at the end of the story.

Look out for some naughty rabbits, some great paper hats and lots of ideas for being helpful!

Published by Oxford University Press – £10.99


For older children

TooSmallToFailToo Small to Fail

By Maurice Gleitzman

Oliver’s parents are very rich and they all live in a completely splendid house – but what Oliver wants most in the world is a pet dog, and especially the pet dog that lives in the pet shop down the road. Unfortunately, his parents don’t want him to have a dog.

One day, while visiting the pet shop, he meets a mysterious woman who buys the dog and threatens to harm it if Oliver can’t get her the thousands of dollars that she placed in his parents’ bank (and which they seem to have misplaced).

What follows includes kidnapping, car chases and a police enquiry. What you might not expect to see in this story is camels, but they turn up (16 of them) alongside a girl who decides to help Oliver, and lots and lots of money (four trillion dollars!).

Published by Puffin£6.99


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