Babar: Meet the Family


Hip, hip, hooray, it’s Babar’s birthday! This popular series has now been around for 80 years!

First created by Jean de Brunhoff, the stories follow the adventures of an elephant called Babar and his royal family.

And to celebrate his birthday Abrams & Chronicle Books have released classic stories for the first time in board book form as well as re-releasing a whole bunch more.

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Since it’s a Babar celebration, we thought we’d introduce you to the Who’s Who in Babar’s kingdowm of Celesteville:

babar-babarKing Babar

King Babar is a charming and charismatic elephant. He brought his love of the city back to the great forest and built the beautiful, happy kingdom of Celesteville.

Though he is a dedicated ruler and world traveller, Babar is happiest when picnicking at the lakefront with his family or joining in the antics of his lively children.

babar-celesteQueen Celeste

Queen Celeste has also travelled the world and has had many great adventures. She has regal presence, an engaging manner, and a gentle sense of humour.

The children adore their mother. After having an active day with the family and governing their kingdom, Babar and Celeste enjoy watching the stars together from the palace veranda.


The daughter of Celeste and Babar, Flora is fun-loving and strong-willed.

She can more than hold her own with her two brothers, whether the are building tree houses, sliding down the banister at the palace, or preparing a surprise breakfast for their parents.


babar-pomOut of all the children, Pom is definitely the leader.

He is the biggest of the bunch and protective of his brother and sisters –though he will gladly join in with Alexander in playfully teasing their sisters Flora and Isabelle.


Alexander is the smallest of the triplets, and is a nonstop ball of energy who is into everything and disarmingly naive about the disasters he causes.


This little elephant was an amazing baby, walking early, talking early, even roller blading! Anything to keep up with the triplets.

Pom, Flora, and Alexander are enchanted with their little sister. Everyone in the kingdom admires Isabelle’s independent spirit.


Arthur is Babar’s mischief-making cousin. He has an engaging smile, bright eyes, and a friendly, outgoing style.

He often gets himself (and one or more of the children) involved in practical jokes and crazy stunts.

He has nerves of steel and a heart of gold.


He is one of Babar’s oldest friends, and is considered one of the family. He is the first to take off with Arthur and the kids on some crazy adventure.

But Babar knows that Zephir can always be trusted to look after the children and bring them home safely.

The Old Lady

From their first meeting, The Old Lady and Babar shared a special friendship. She gave him a home and taught him about life in the city.

Babar built her a home in Celesteville, where she made the decision to stay and live with her friends, the elephants.


Cornelius is the oldest and wisest elephant in Celesteville.

He takes his job as Babar’s chief advisor very seriously, whether accompanying Babar on state visits or organising the numerous Celesteville parades.

When not working, Cornelius can often be found relaxing in a field.