Be a Geobaker during Earth Science Week!

Geology never tasted so good!

Get making your own chocolate volcanoes and cakey-sediments.

Earth Science Week is taking place from the 10th-18th October and there are loads of fun things you can do to learn all about the Earth’s history right beneath your feet!

The Earth is made up of lots of different layers of rock, which were once the ground. Over time, layers of new ground build up on top and turned into rock made from soil, the odd dinosaur, sand from a beach or even the sea floor. If you cut the earth with a giant knife like a cake, you’d see all of the layers like great big sandwich filling!

A really yummy way to demonstrate your geology knowledge is to become a Geobaker!

You can make your own versions of spectacular geological sites, like Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, the Giant’s Causeway and even the Grand Canyon.

Click here to have a look at the list of 100 Great Geosites for some inspiration!

Or you can make some chocolate prehistoric fossils, like these Silurian Death Assemblage Cupcakes! Click here to learn how to make them!


The Silurian period happened 443 to 415 million years ago. A lot of ice melted because it got much warmer, and that caused the sea levels to rise.

Because there wasn’t a lot of land, many of the creatures back then lived in the sea. These creatures were very strange – there were lots of jawless fish, coral reefs had just started to evolve, and there were lots of small clam-like shellfish too.

When these creatures died, they fell (or “assembled”) onto the sea bed, which became a layer of rock in the Earth.

These cakes look like the fossils found from the Silurian Period, where you can have LOADS of fun making the little creatures to put on top. And they’re made from chocolate and cheerios, yum!

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Earth Science Week with the The Geological Society 
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Click here to find out more about Earth Science Week and how you can get involved!

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