Beano iPrank: The brand new app for menaces!


We’re gigantic fans of The Beano at Fun Kids!

We even let Dennis and Gnasher present their own show every Saturday and Sunday.

And now there’s some exciting news from Beano Town. They’ve made a brand new app.

It’s called The Beano iPrank and it’s packed full of hilarious practical jokes, including…

2Fart DetectedBeano Bigmouth choose a character from The Beano and hold the phone up to your mouth.  The character’s lips will move with your own speech.

Fart Finder touch the screen and discreetly lower your phone.  This App can help you to pin the blame on someone else

Super Soundboard – has a range of mirth-making noises including farts, buzzing flies and toilet flushes

Menace-O-Meter – helps you detect the ‘Menace’ viability of a particular individual

Eye Fright – disguised as a harmless colour blindness test, Gnasher makes a surprise appearance mid-test!

3Gnashional HeroWant a be a menace? You can download the app for free right now! Click here for Google Play. Click here for Apple.

And you can check out even more pranks at!

Remember, you can listen to Dennis and Gnasher on Fun Kids every Saturday and Sunday from 9am.

Tune in on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK! Click here to listen!

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