Become Butlin’s Beach Holiday Tester!


There’s always rumours going around about dream jobs like ‘Ice Cream Taster’ and ‘Water Slide Tester’ but we’ve never been that sure if they actually exist.

Well we’ve just found out about one of these dream jobs that’s actually a reality. Butlins are looking for a UK beach holiday tester and, if you’re under 5, it could be you!

Before you get cracking on testing the beaches you’ll get to sit next to the big boss at Butlins.

Your main job as the Beach Tester will be testing the new ‘Just for Tots’ breaks. They’re starting this April and everything from the accommodation and food right through to the entertainment and activities have been designed for younger kids.

Butlins 3

So as the tester you’ll get to meet stars like Angelina Ballerina, road test the activities and try out the brand new food. On top of that you’ll need to test out the bounciness of the beds, cuddliness of the characters and slipperiness of the slides.

To apply for the job, jot down 100 words on why you’d be great and send it to [email protected]

Applications close on Friday 7th February

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