Bex’s Blog: Tony Ross teaches me how to draw just like him!


Bex-HeadshotHello! It’s Bex!

You know how the Horrid Henry books look AWESOME and all the amazing drawings bring the words to life?

Well, that is the work of a man that I got to meet called Tony Ross!

He’s an illustrator behind all the Horrid Henry series, as well as loads other children’s books.

He’s even written his own series called Little Princess which is definitely worth checking out!

Tony’s just done some illustrated new editions of Enid Blyton’s classic Secret Seven series, which first came out way back in 1949!

I met up with Tony and he showed me how to draw just like him!

To start with, I was p-r-e-t-t-y rubbish but after Tony gave me a hand I think I did alright!

Maybe there’s some other Enid Blyton books I could do the illustrations for?


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