‘Birdsong’ and ‘Young Samurai: The Way of the Dragon’

For younger children

By Ellie Sandall

  • A little bird is alone in a big tree, happily singing its song to the world.
  • Then a friend joins, and another and another, until the tree is full of birds happily singing their cheerful song.
  • But there is one flashy bird that wants to rule the roost and he sends all the smaller birds packing – but gets his comeuppance when a butterfly lands next to him.
  • This is a great read-aloud book with a wonderful, rhythmic story.

Published by Egmont Children’s Books
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For older children

YoungSamurai_WayOfDragonYoung Samurai: The Way of the Dragon
By Chris Bradford

  • This is the third in the thrilling Young Samurai adventure.
  • Jack is trapped in seventeenth century Japan after a shipwreck that killed his father.
  • He is in training to become one of the famous Japanese samurai warriors – but there are many who don’t want him to succeed.
  • In this adventure, Jack has to master a secret sword technique to survive, but he also has to go on a secret mission to recover his father’s precious map from the deadly ninja Dragon Eye.
  • The odds are stacked against him….will he succeed?

Published by Puffin Books
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