Blinded turtle saved at his new home in Newquay

HomerHomer is a Loggerhead turtle.  He was blinded by fishermen off the coast of Greece and is being flown to Britain to start a new life.

Homer was found in 2007, since when he has been cared for at a rescue centre near Athens.  However, he is now ready for a long-term home which he has found at the Blue Reef Aquarium at Newquay in Cornwall where he will have a big tank and hopefully he will have a happy life.

Pavlos Tsaros, who has been been caring for Homer at the Archelon rescue centre in Greece, said turtles can destroy fishing gear and are sometimes deliberately blinded by some fishermen.  “One of his eyes was missing and the other was poked out.  Turtles can destroy fishing gear. It’s a big cost, so some fishermen do it intentionally.”

Homer is about 40 years old, and could have another 60 years ahead of him, so Blue Reef will be doing its best to make him feel at home.