Bored? Try swinging a lizard!

elephant1We’ve all had times when we’re bored, whether we are being made to clean our room, do homework or just have nothing to do. So what do you do during these times? It seems like a certain Indian elephant has found the solution: swing around a lizard!

The elephant, called Madhuri, lives in Corbett National Park in India and was getting bored with eating grass (when has eating greens ever been interesting?). So when she spotted a lizard walking along nearby, she thought she might as well have a play!

elephant2The poor reptile – probably just going about its business – had its tail grabbed by Madhuri’s trunk and then was swung around, put on the floor and then put on Madhuri’s back. Unfortunately for the monitor lizard, Madhuri carried on doing this over and over again…for seven days!

Eventually she got bored of this too though and let the lizard go. I imagine the lizard was pretty dizzy by then!

Fun Kids would just like to state for the record that we do not condone the swinging of lizards, unless you are really, really bored!


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