Brand new A.N.T. Farm season is coming!

Get ready to giggle! A brand new season of the funny show A.N.T. Farm is on it’s way!

The new season is going to start on the 17th September at 4pm on the Disney Channel!

In this new season, Chyna and her two best friends, Olive Doyle (who has a photographic memory) and Fletcher Quimby (an artistic genius) begin to embrace every opportunity that comes their way!

The A.N.T.s jet-off to Australia and find out they have become part of a massive scavenger hunt throughout San Francisco. But alongside all the excitement, school continues to throw some big problems at them!

All of us at Fun Kids have put on the popcorn machine, ready for the new series! We’ve got a few days until the new season, so we should have enough for all the greedy-guts presenters!

Who’s your favourite from The A.N.T’s?

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