Britney Spears sings a new song for The Smurfs 2!

Britney-Spears-9 Pop legend Britney Spears has announced that she’s releasing a song for The Smurfs 2!

Smurf-you very much Britney!

The song’s called ‘Ooh La La’ which is going to play right at the end of the film over the credits.

Britney said “I have always loved the Smurfs as a kid and now my boys are the biggest Smurfs fans EVER. I wanted to surprise them with a song in the movie. I know they’ll think it’s Smurftastic!”.

Poppa Smurf

We can’t wait until The Smurfs 2 comes out too! In the new movie the evil wizard Gargamel has created mischievous smurf-like creatures called the Naughties.

His plan is for them to take on the Smurf magic, but he soon realises only a real Smurf will work, so he kidnaps Smurfette.

Another awesome thing about the movie is Fun Kids favourite, Katy Perry, is the voice of Smurfette. That’s pretty smurf!

Check out the trailer below!

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