Buy Something Funny for Red Nose Day!

We’re getting very excited here at Fun Kids because on 18th March it’s going to be Red Nose Day!

Once again we have the chance to do funny things, all to help massive improve the lives of those who need it across the UK and in Africa.

Whether it’s holding cake sales to downing pints of baked beans, there’s loads of fun ways for people to help raise money and make a difference!

Believe it or not, so far we’ve already told you how making a Gruffalo cake, dressing as a pirate and cooking a monster pizza are all ways you can help raise money.

However, if they don’t take your fancy you can really help tooo simply by buying any of the great Red Nose Day goodies that are on offer right now!

These are some of our highlights below:


red-nosesWhat’s Red Nose Day without a Red Nose – or three? Get yours from Sainsbury’s and collect all three to have a monster Red Nose Day.

Price: £1 with at least 70p to Comic Relief.

Where to buy? Sainsbury’s, Oxfam &



nose-grows-redFor the very first time you can grow your own Nose with The Nose That Grows tomato plant.

March is the optimum time to start growing your own – just add a sprinkle of water and you’ll have your very own juicy red tomatoes in no time.

Price: £2 with at least 85p to Comic Relief

Where to buy? Sainsbury’s &



gruffalo-red-noseKeep your eyes peeled for the Special Edition Gruffalo sticker activity book.

Jam packed with games, stickers, activities, colouring and drawing, recipes and jokes as well as great fundraising ideas.

Price: £2.99 with £2 to Comic Relief

Where to buy? All good book shops



sims-red-noseNot content with taking over the nation, Red Nose Day is also coming to your games console. Buy a Red Nose Day stickered ‘The Sims 3’ game and £1 will go directly to Comic Relief.

Price: Depends on retailer

Where to buy? All good video game retailers



windup-red-nosesOur little wind-up Runny Noses promise to keep you amused for hours. Twist the screw and these three little monsters will run around on flat surfaces.

Meanwhile, The Giggler is proof that laughter is contagious – simply bash the furry ball and be ready for some monster giggles!

Where to buy? Sainsbury’s &

Price: Runny Noses are £2 with at least £1.40 to Comic Relief, and The Giggler is £3 with at least £1.40 to Comic Relief


Next time you’re out shopping with mum, see if you can include Red Nose Day merchandise on your shopping list.

By giving your support you can help people living unimaginably tough lives across the UK and Africa.

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