Can bees wee?

It’s a question that keeps us up at night here at Fun Kids.

Can bees wee or not?

Mark Parrot from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was in his garden with his camera, taking some photos of hoverflies in his garden, when he spotted a swarm of bees buzzing around his herbs. Mark took a few close up shots of the bees, and LOOK WHAT HE FOUND!

He caught a bumble bee having a little wee right above his flowers.

I guess being as busy as a bee, you don’t have a lot of time for a pit-stop. We wouldn’t recommend going on someone’s flowers though.

Do bees actually wee?
Or is this a clever camera shot of a bee dropping some nectar?

Apparently,¬†Bees do not urinate because they have to hold onto as much water in their bodies as possible. Instead, they release liquid waste in the form of uric acid. Uric Acid is made up of very little water, which the bees need to hold on to as much as they can. It’s white when it’s lands, a bit like bird poop! Yuk!

It’s very rare for someone to see this happen, lucky Mark!

Click here to read more about Mark and his weeing bee!

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