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War Horse is the hotly anticipated adaptation of the hit West End and Broadway play by Steven Spielberg. A Devon lad, Albert (Jeremy Irvine), loves his horse Joey. But the First World War is breaking out and Joey is shipped off to the front to help in battle first on the side of the British, then on the German side and then fending for himself in no-man’s land. But the bond between man and horse is too strong for details like Albert’s age to stand between them and the boy sets out on a treacherous journey to find his friend.
Out 13 january

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War Horse

About the Film

War Horse is the story of a miraculous horse in wartime—a stirring journey that explores a bond of friendship, loyalty and courage.

Within the tale of a boy and the feisty colt he never stops believing in, there are sweeping battles, desperate escapes and an evocative odyssey through a world at war. But no matter where they go or what they experience both boy and horse keep forging ahead, driven by devotion and the hope of returning home.

The journey begins on the cusp of WWI, as an English farming family buys a fiery hunter colt at auction despite not having the funds to pay for him. Named Joey, the horse seems to be nothing but a loss for struggling Narracott family, but their son Albert is determined to tame and train him, making the most of Joey’s enthralling spirit, speed and affection. The two are inseparable, but when war breaks out, they are pulled apart as Joey is sold from under him and heads to the front as the mount of a dashing British cavalry officer.

Thus starts Joey’s labyrinthine trek through joy and sorrow, hardship and wonder, as this simple horse becomes a remarkable hero, touching lives on all sides of the war with his innocence, purity of motive, and unconditional devotion to his human friends. He pulls battlefield ambulances, whisks away German soldiers on the run, fires the imagination of a French girl and hauls colossal cannons up mountains.

As the film builds to its powerful climax, and Albert heads into the trenches on his own perilous mission, Joey finds himself ensnared in the haunting No Man’s Land between British and German territory. But even when it seems there can be no return, he sets in motion a momentary chance for peace and holds fast to a dream of reunion and renewal.

War Horse is out on 13 January and is a 12A certificate

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