‘Cats Ahoy!’ and ‘Bad Cat, Good Cat’

For younger children

CatsAhoyCats Ahoy!

By Peter Bently, Jim Field

What do cats like more than anything else in the whole wide world? That’s right, fish. So when Alfonso the cat hears that there’s a trawler on its way into harbour with a record-breaking catch of haddock, he hatches a plan….

Naturally, the plan involves cats – lots of cats – but there is also a ghost ship, pirate plunder and hopefully, a huge haul of haddock!

Look out for some cutlass-wielding cats, lots of terrified sailors and a great fishy feast!

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books – £12.99


For older children

BadCatGoodCatBad Cat, Good Cat

By Lynne Reid Banks, Tony Ross

David and Paloma are neighbours who have one thing in common – they both love cats. So when David gets a handsome white cat (which is rather badly behaved) and Paloma gets a gorgeous black cat (which behaves very well), everything seems to be perfect. Except that the cats don’t like each other at all.

When the family disappears on holiday leaving the cats behind, good cat and bad cat suddenly have to fend for themselves; being friends seems like a really good idea.

This story tells you that sometimes parents don’t tell exactly the truth and it also tells you an awful lot about cats. Some of it involves toilet habits and eating dead animals which you probably don’t want to know…. It also tells you just how clever cats really are.

Published by HarperCollins Children’s Books – £4.99


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