Check out Darkmouth 2: Worlds Explode!

It’s about to get legendary again!

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Get ready for the second adventure of 12-year-old Finn and his quest to save the world!

Darkmouth2_HB_Demy_FrontCover.inddIf you love reading adventure books like How to Train your Dragon and The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom, check out Darkmouth 2: Worlds Explode! It’s out right now in paperback. Click here to find out more!

Terrifying, human-eating monsters called Legends have invaded Darkmouth town and are planning to take over the world. As the last remaining Legend Hunter, it’s up to 12-year-old Finn to save the world. The only thing is that he’s not a great fighter! Oops!

In Darkmouth 2: Worlds Explode, Finn’s worst fears have come true when the gateway bursts open and his dad goes missing. He’s searched for a map to find him, he’s followed his friend Steve into dead-ends but found nothing to help him. Not only has he got that to worry about, he’s still got homework to do! Soon he’ll have to face the Legends as he goes where no Legend Hunter has gone before!

Darkmouth 2: Worlds Explode by Shane Hegarty is out now. Click here to find out more!

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