Check out Forest Beekeepers and the Treasure of Pushcha

Forest Beekeeper and the Treasure of PushchaHere at Fun Kids we’ve created a series of videos to help you Learn PolishClick here to check it out

And if you like how they look, then definitely check out this book by the same illustrator, Tomasz Samojlik.

It’s called Forest Beekeeper and the Treasure of Pushcha and follows Ignat the beekeeper, who tends bees in beehives up in the trees, just as his father, grandfather and their forefathers did.

But then his peaceful life – and the life of the forest he lives in – comes under threat when the ancient woodland falls into the hands of new owners who plan to chop down and sell off the thousands of pine and oak trees!

Forest Beekeeper and the Treasure of Pushcha is a really exciting book full of great drawings from Tomasz Samojlik.

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