Check out LEGO DUPLO this Christmas!

As we approach Christmas and frantically do some last minute shopping for our brothers and sisters, we thought we’d tell you about LEGO® DUPLO®.

5649_prodLEGO® DUPLO® lets you build your own designs, creating your own special, fantastical creations! With imagination really being your only limit, these brightly coloured bricks can keep you entertained for hours!

Aimed at pre-schoolers, aged 2-5 years old, LEGO® DUPLO® means having fun, being creative and learning, all at the same time.

And frankly, we find they’re pretty fun whatever age you are!

LEGO® DUPLO® is available in a variety of fun themes from zoo and farm to police and fire as well as popular licensed products too.

And all ranges can be extended with the basic brick boxes, which means you can have endless possibilities as you create your very own world, whether in the playroom or garden.

Even parents will be happy because not only has LEGO® DUPLO® been built to last, but all of the different bits are large enough to play with without accidentally swallowing them – always a good thing!

Visit the official site at to find out more!