Check out Roald Dahl’s House of Twits app!

Get your own back on The Twits!

roald dahl twits
We know loads of you love reading Roald Dahl books, so we have some really exciting news for you!

house of twits packshot copyThere’s a new app out now called the House of Twits, and it’s all set in Mr and Mrs Twit’s revolting house! There’s loads of mischievous fun to be had, and it’s in 3D too!

Once you’ve chosen to play as Mr or Mrs Twit, the revolting fun starts!

There are loads of different games to discover in every room! You can score points by poking and tricking them both in Mr Twit’s shed, sprinkle itching powder on the toilet seat in the ghastly bathroom, and cook a disgusting dinner of spaghetti and worms in the filthy kitchen. You can also poke Mrs Twit’s glass eye and feed Mr Twit worms! Yuck!

Make sure you look out for secret ways to score Trick points and listen out for Mystery Parcels!

Be careful though, you wouldn’t want to make The Twits too mad, or things could get ugly… well uglier! 

You can download the House of Twits app right now! Click here to find out more!

Watch the House of Twits trailer below!

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