Check out The Amazing Spider-man on Blu-Ray!

The Amazing Spider-Man is now out on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray and DVD!

We’re massive fans of Superhero movies at Fun Kids so we’re very excited about this.

In this movie Peter Parker is trying to find out how his parents disappeared when he was younger.

On the journey he has to make his way through a sea of bad guys until he finds Dr. Curt Connors a.k.a. The Lizard.

Here’s a trailer so you know what to expect!

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As well as the feature film, the DVD comes with Deleted Scenes and Stunt Rehearsals.

The Blu-Ray also comes with 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes action and the making-of The Amazing Spider-man game.

And the Blu-Ray 3D also comes wit a 3D version of the film and a chat with the Director – Marc Webb – about the basics behind 3D!

Do you think Peter Parker can defeat The Lizard?

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