Check out the LEGO® Juniors Family House Set!

Create endless fun with the LEGO® Juniors Family House!

lego juniors houseIt’s so easy to build the LEGO® Juniors Family House, and once you have, there’s loads of fun to be had!

The LEGO® Juniors Family House is full of rooms to explore and play in. Relax in the living room, cook up a storm in the kitchen, play with the dog in the garden and if you’re feeling tired after all of that, head upstairs and take a nap in the bedroom!

The set comes with the LEGO® Juniors Family House with its opening doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, and a mailbox, as well as mum, dad, child and dog minifigures. You even get all the accessories too to make your house complete! There’s a teddy bear for the child, mirror, hairbrush, shampoo bottle, bedside lamp, cups, cooking pots, ice cream, dog bowl, bone and a ball.

LEGO® Juniors sets are perfect for if you’re 4 – 7 years old and come with easy-to-follow instructions so you can get making right away!

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