Check out the new book from The Joshua Files!

Dark-ParallelOut this month is an exciting new book from The Joshua Files series written by MG Harris, called Dark Parallel.

In the lastest book of the series, Josh and Ixchel have travelled back in time – but it might not be so easy to get home again.

They’ve landed in the Mayan era, when the prophecy about the end of the world in 2012 was first foretold. And they can’t believe who they have found there. Clearly Josh isn’t the only person to have cracked the secret of time travel!

But an even bigger surprise awaits the pair when they return to the 21st century. Nothing is quite as they remember it – and it’s up to them to work out why…

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In case you haven’t come across them, The Joshua Files is a great series that follows the adventures of Joshua Garcia involving time-travel, ancient prophecies and impending apocalypse!

If you haven’t read them, here’s a quick overview and trailers of the other stories in this exciting series.

Invisible-CityThe Invisible City

Joshua’s life was pretty cool – until his father was reported dead in an air crash in Mexico.

Was it simply a tragic accident? Why was the plane miles off course? Were there really UFOs in the sky at the time of the crash?

In the depths of the Mexican jungle, with a deadly international hit man in his trail, Josh must find the truth about an incredible, dangerous secret – and try to stay alive.



Ice Shock

Josh thought the worst was over – but it hasn’t even started. Josh is even more certain now that his father’s death was no accident – and he’s starting to wonder if he can really trust his closest allies.

When he learns of a secret buried within the Ix Codex, he must journey back to the secret Mexican city of Ek Naab.

Shocking news awaits him about the mysterious Bracelet of Itzamna. Did Josh’s dad really take it? And where is it now? Josh has no idea what’s waiting for him.



Zero Moment

Josh thinks that he has discovered the key to time travel. Should he use it to save his father? Ixchel knows what he intends to do. Should she stop him?

Before they can decide, Ixchel is kidnapped by the people who want to see an ancient prophecy predicting the end of the world in 2012 come true.

It’s up to Josh to save Ixchel and possibly save the world. Time is running out!

The Joshua Files
are written by MG Harris and published by Scholastic. Visit to find out more about the series.

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