Check out the new book Verity Fibbs

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Whether you like graphic novels, traditional novels – or both! – you should check out the books by Cathy Brett.

Aimed at 11+ readers, Cathy combines dark, entertaining storylines with cool pictures that Tim Burton fans will love! You may have come across some of her books already – Ember Fury and Scarlett Dedd.

Verity Fibbs pb.inddAnd Cathy has got a brand new book out for you to enjoy called Verity Fibbs.

The book follows a girl called Verity who is obsessed with the online role-play game ‘Demon Streets’. There she can learn new demon fighting skills and have a lot more fun than going to school or doing chores for her mum.

But when her mum heads to New York on business, Verity and her friends find themselves on the wrong side of a very unethical enemy and it seems that her online gaming skills might be the only thing between her and a real-life Game Over.

Verity Gibbs is dark, funny and very entertaining, and comes out on 13th October.

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To give you a sneak peek into what you can expect, watch the Verity Fibbs trailer below: