Check out the new series You, Me and Thing

Here at Fun Kids, we’re big fans of the author Karen McCombie – she wrote the likes of Ally’s World and Indie Kid. So we’re pretty excited to hear about her brand new series You, Me and Thing!

you me websiteWritten for kids aged 7+, this is a really funny series that follows the friendship of Ruby, Jackson and… err… Thing!

So what is Thing? Well, it’s a sort of troll crossed with a fairy crossed with a squirrel. Whatever it is, it’s very cute and equally mishievous!

The first book You, Me and Thing: The Curse of the Jelly Babies has just come out,  in which Ruby and Jackson get the surprise of their lives when they discover a Thing living at the bottom of their gardens.

And when Thing places a curse on the inhabitants of the new house that’s been built over his old home, Ruby and Jackson find themselves up to their eyeballs in jellybabies, magic and BIG trouble.

So if you are looking for a funny book to read, then check this out.

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