Check out TheSchoolRun

SRlogo-transIt can be hard getting to grips with school for both you and your parents! Which is why we thought we’d tell you about a new website we’ve found called TheSchoolRun.

Play_letter_blocksTheSchoolRun is full of articles, expert advice and practical tips from teachers to help parents learn about what you’re learning – which means they can help you tackle your schoolwork!

Their subscriber package offers access to learning packs for specific areas of the curriculum, and their resources library includes worksheets and games to make learning easier and fun too.

They pretty much cover everything, and you’ll find hundreds of activities to help with including:

  • Girl_painting_handSpelling
  • Times tables
  • SATs revision
  • Maths
  • Punctuation
  • Handwriting
  • Beginner’s French
  • Science
  • Special educational needs

…and loads more!

So whatever might be causing you a headache, you and your parents can tackle it together!

Visit to find out more