Check out these cool beds for sleepovers


Recently we have come across a cool range called ReadyBeds® that are perfect to make sure sleepovers are loads of fun!

410MTU01E - face onFrom Worlds Apart, this range of beds -– featuring Junior and Tween Rest & Relax ReadyBeds® – has lots of popular designs for you to choose from.

You can get a ReadyBed® starring characters from your favourite shows including Toy Story, Rapunzel and Disney Princess, or featuring the popular Hello Kitty and Me To You. And for the footy fans out there you can pick either a Manchester United or Liverpool ReadyBed®!

Not only are these cool, but mums like them too as it means they don’t have to sort out spare beds or sheets since the ReadyBed® comes with a pillow, mattress and duvet all in one!

To find out more and see the full range of ReadyBeds® including the My First ReadyBed® for toddlers aged two plus, visit