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New in Cinemas


The Unbeatables (U)

When Amadeo beats village bully Flash at table football, his rival is consumed with anger and vows to get even. Flash returns ten years later as a football superstar and demolishes the village in order to build a football academy in its place, as well as stealing away Amadeo’s love interest Laura. Capi, the charismatic leader of the table football players, leads the team on an adventure to regain the dignity that was stolen from them in this comic animation, which sees the two rivals finally come face to face in a stadium with their respective teams.

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New on DVD


The Muppets: Most Wanted (U)

Reunited and better than ever the Muppets embark on a global tour, selling out shows across the world. At the same time Constantine, one of the most wanted criminal masterminds with an uncanny similarity to Kermit, is on the loose. Duped by his charming sidekick Dominic Badguy pretending to be an International Tour Manager, it’s not long before the loveable Muppets are unwittingly caught up in Constantine’s evil antics. With its trademark scene-stealing songs and witty comedy this is a star-studded, green-tinged crime caper that revives old-school heist films of the ‘50s and ‘60s while keeping the Muppet franchise fresh, fun and completely mad.

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Divergent (12)

Tris is a young woman living in a futuristic society where the citizens are divided into five factions based on different personality traits. When she is tested for her aptitude in each, the results signal that she’s “divergent” – violating the government’s rule that each person can only have one quality. Choosing to join the faction Dauntless, she begins training as a city defender, while hiding her gifts so as not to attract the attention of those who see her as a threat.

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The Hunger Games (12, 2012), Alice (PG, 1988) The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (12, 2013)

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