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New in Cinemas


Earth to Echo (PG)

With the construction of a new motorway through their town forcing their families to move away, best friends Tuck, Munch and Alex are getting ready to say goodbye. Desperate for a final adventure together they become fascinated by crazy encrypted messages that keep appearing on their phones. Armed with their mobiles, bikes and amateur filmmaker Tuck’s camera they track the messages across town to discover a lonely alien in need of their help. Packed with references to the great sci-fi adventures of the ‘80s, the boys uncover a deep dark secret that will change their friendship forever.

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E.T The Extra-terrestrial (U, 1982), The Goonies (12, 1985), Super 8 (12, 2011)

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The House of Magic (U)

Thunder is an abandoned ginger kitten that discovers a whole world of seemingly living inventions when he stumbles into a strange old house during a storm. It’s the home of a kind elderly magician, who immediately welcomes Thunder – sparking the jealousy of grouchy assistant Jack Rabbit and his mouse sidekick Maggie, who are intent on kicking their new feline companion out. When the magician ends up in hospital, his greedy nephew schemes to put the valuable mansion on the market, and it’s left to Thunder to foil his plans and defend the home from potential buyers in this sweet and comical family adventure animation.

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A Turtle’s Tale – Sammy’s Adventures (U, 2010), Eleanor’s Secret (U, 2010), Howl’s Moving Castle (U, 2004), The Secret of Kells (PG, 2009), Arrietty (PG, 2009)


Believe (PG)

Set in 1980s Manchester, this funny and touching fictional tale sees legendary Manchester United football manager Sir Matt Busby help a wayward boy fulfil his dream. An act of petty crime by 11-year-old Georgie becomes a collision of fate as Sir Matt tracks him down, only to discover that the boy is a sprightly, hugely gifted young footballer and captain of a team of unruly talents (similarities to a young David Beckham may or may not be deliberate). Sir Matt comes out of retirement to transform a young group of scallywags into a dream team, in this warm, unashamedly old-fashioned family drama.

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Wondrous Oblivion (PG, 2003), The Cup (PG, 1999), Chariots of Fire (U, 1991), Bend It Like Beckham (12, 2002)

New on DVD


The Lego Movie (U)

An ordinary Lego® mini-figure embarks on an extraordinary quest to save his world in the dazzling, first big-screen Lego film. Mistakenly believed to be the ultimate hero, average yellow bloke Emmet gets drafted into a team of Master Builders, all fighting to stop the evil President Business from destroying their brick universe. But while new plastic pals, including tough girl Wyldstyle, wizard Vitruvius and the wonderfully terse Batman, possess the skills their mission requires, poor Emmet is entertainingly ill-equipped. Worse still, the President’s ruthless henchman, Bad Cop/Good Cop, has become totally obsessed with capturing the bumbling fellow. This imaginative, computer-animated adventure is action-packed and extremely funny.

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Space Chimps (U, 2008), Wreck It Ralph (PG, 2012), MegaMind (PG, 2012) Turbo (U, 2013)

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