Check out Wild: Monkey Magic


Every day at 2pm you can listen to Animal Hour on Fun Kids, and for all you animal lovers we’ve come across a book you should definitely check out.

Written by Lucy Courtenay WILD is a new animal series with a touch of glamour and, with all the cute animals in the stories, we guarantee it will make you go awwww!

wildThe series follows twins Tori and Taya Wild who disagree about almost everything… except for their love of animals – which is good since their mother fosters all kinds of wild animals so their house is always full of them!

However, in the second book in the series Wild: Monkey Magic, their house has gone up in flames and the family’s animal film business is struggling to get off its feet.

And as if Taya doesn’t have enough to worry about, Tori is making new friends without her.

But when a request comes in for a swimming troupe of monkeys, things are looking up. They’ve got the monkeys – now they have to train them. If only Taya could swim … It’s lights, cameras, MONKEYS!

Wild: Monkey Magic is written by Lucy Courtenay and published by Hodder Children’s Books, and is out on 6th October. Click here to pre-order your copy!

wild-tigerAnd if you can’t wait until then, you can read the first book in the series Wild: Tiger Trouble!

In this book, two adorable tiger cubs, Chips and Gravy, are the most recent animals their mother has fostered, and they are keeping the family busy!

But when Dad falls ill and can no longer travel for work, Mum’s animal fostering days could be over.

They need to think up a money making scheme fast. That’s when they set up a new ‘animals on film’ business … and soon their lives are about to get even wilder!

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