Check out your Darkmouth 2 Entries!

We’ve been checking out the brand new Darkmouth book by Shane Hegarty!


The adventures of the most unfortunate Legend Hunter ever to don fighting armour and pick up a Dessicator continue…


On a list of things Finn never thought he’d wish for, a gateway bursting open in Darkmouth was right up there. But that’s about his only hope for finding his missing father. He’s searched for a map, he’s followed Steve into dead ends, but found nothing. And he’s still got homework to do.

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But soon Finn and Emmie must face bizarre Legends, a ravenous world and a face from the past as they go where no Legend Hunter has gone before. Or, at least, where no Legend Hunter has gone before and returned with their limbs in the correct order.

A while ago, we ran a competition to win an awesome Laser Quest experience and 5 Darkmouth 2 books for 5 runners up.

All you needed to do was tell us what you’d do if Legends turned up at your door!

We’ve been checking out your entries here at Fun Kids, here’s a few of our favourites!

William, 11
Totally run. very fast.

I’d give them the hottest pepper sauce and say that humans taste nicer with it, then when they are crying I’d say that the only cure would cost them never to eat humans again. Then give them a glass of milk.

Carter, 13
Send my mom to the door, she would scare anyone off

Harriet, 11
I put them in a van and put them in a carnival and show them off as human eating monsters! (Very carefully!)

Jools, 12
Invite them for tea, give them my favourite pasta dish and then ask if i could be one of them, best to have them as mates

Atticus, 9
If Legends turned up at my front door I would grab my cricket bat and beat them into retreat. I would use my cricket balls as missiles! Me and my brother and sister have lots of weapons, a fart blaster, swords, and a catapult. We would protect our world from the Legends!

Frankie, 10
I’d have to act quick, my front door is made of glass and I wouldn’t want the Legends to see me. Fortunately, there’s a big mirror downstairs next to the front door. I’d hold the mirror up so that they would just see their reflection, they wouldn’t think that there were any humans in our house if there were already Legends inside. We’d be safe, for a while at least…hopefully Finn will protect us.

James, 11
I would eat them because I have a very BiG appetite!

Luqman, 10
I would fight them (with my army) while sitting on elephants so I am up high away from their mouths. I would set traps and discovery where they come from on, them send them BACK!

Max, 7
I would let my mum and dad answer the door and be eaten up. I would eat all the ice cream.

Jamie, 13
I would squirt them with a shrinking formula that I had made at a school science lesson in preparation for them. Then, I would do the same with any other remaining legends and open an museum for rare species and make money for my town.

Danny, 6
I would ask them to eat my brother because he is always messing up my room and hitting me.

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