This is for Dr Who fans

Are you a big Dr Who fan? If you are, you may already know this. But we’re just so excited.

The Doctor is back! There’s only been 2 episodes so you can easily catch up by clicking here.

In the latest episode an unmanned spaceship hurtles towards certain destruction. Only the Doctor can save it, along with its impossible cargo… of dinosaurs!

The Doctor’s most feared enemy is also making a return in this series… The Daleks!

If you like Dr Who then you’ll enjoy our series Professor Phlegm. In the Profesor’s latest adventure, he travels to New York only to find the whole city is being swallowed by a mysterious darkness.

You can find out more about his adventures by clicking here!

But what’s The Doctor up to next? We’ve got hold of a sneak peek of the next episode. This time The Doctor is in the Wild West. Take a look!





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