Club Penguin Quiz

Club PenguinAre you a fan of Club Penguin, the ultra popular snow-covered virtual world? Well there’s now a Club Penguin computer game called ‘Elite Penguin Force’ and it’s exclusive to the Nintendo DS. The game lets you become a Club Penguin secret agent, solving mysteries and completing missions.

You can visit new Club Penguin locations including the Puffle Training Dojo and Pizza Shop kitchen, and there’s new mini-games like Snowboarding and Dance Challenge. You even earn coins whilst playing, which you can then transfer wirelessly to your online Club Penguin account.

To celebrate the launch of the game we’ve created a Club Penguin personality quiz to see what kind of penguin you are! Keep a note of your answers and then check out your penguin-personality at the end.

Which of the following best describes you?

A – Brave and trust-worthy
B – Inquisitive and creative
C – Calm and graceful
D – Adventurous and devious

What do you think your best skills are?

A – Your ability to sense things before they happen
B – Your imagination
C – Your curious nature
D – Your willingness to take risks

How would your friends describe you?

A – A really loyal and dependable friend
B – Always in the thick of the action
C – Always interested in new things to do and new places to go
D – Willing to try anything

It’s a Saturday afternoon, as well as listening to Fun Kids, what are you most likely to be doing?

A – Helping family members with jobs around the house
B – Reading at the library
C – Visiting the local aquarium
D – Sailing with your best friends

Mostly A’s – Super Hero penguin

You’re the one who looks out for people and saves people from trouble. You are very dependable and are always there for your friends when they need you.

Mostly B’s – Reporter penguin

You’re always creating things, whether it is stories, pictures or models, and love hearing gossip. You always know what is going on!

Mostly C’s – Scuba Diver penguin

You are at one with the ocean. You are a calming presence to everyone around you. You love to explore and to try out new things as much as possible.

Mostly D’s – Pirate penguin

You are the most adventurous of the bunch. You love taking risks and aren’t too worried about getting into trouble.