‘Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All’ and ‘Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree’

For younger children

Crocodiles are the Best Animals of All
By Sean Taylor, Hannah Shaw

Donkey is having a lazy day wiggling his ears and drinking his juice when along comes Crocodile and challenges all the animals; “Crocodiles are the best animals of all.”

Crocodile proves that he can indeed climb better than a mountain goat, hop higher than a kangaroo and swing through the trees better than an orang-utan – but in the end there is one thing that he really cannot do.

Children will enjoy the gentle twist in this tale as crocodile gets his come-uppance. No one likes a show-off!

There is also much to enjoy in Hannah Shaw’s illustrations, from crocodile flying through the air with his turbo-boosters on the opening spread to donkey’s very cool sunnies on the final pages.

Published by Frances Lincoln

For older children

Mr Gum and the Cherry Tree
By Andy Stanton

Children who are already Mr Gum fans will welcome the arrival of a new story about the people-hating Mr Gum and the strangely wonderful town of Lamonic Bibber. Those who haven’t read the Mr Gum books are in for a treat.

Spring has sprung in the town of Lamonic Bibber and spring fever is in the air. “The sun was shining, the birds were playing Quidditch in the treetops and the ground was just sort of laying there letting people walk all over it.”

The townspeople have heard that the mighty Runtus is back, living in a cherry tree in the forest and ready to rule over them once again. Sensible Polly suspects that Mr Gum is behind it all but the townspeople won’t listen to her, or to the headmaster, the tiny gingerbread man. Will Polly be able to unmask Mr Gum before all the townsfolk give him their most precious possessions?

These books really do offer a laugh a minute and are ideal shared reading because the adults will enjoy them as much as the children do. David Tazzyman provides great black and white illustrations.

Published by Egmont

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