A New World Record for ‘Keepy-Uppy’

Dan Magness 2Dan Magness has set a a new world record by playing “keepy-uppy” for 30 miles across London.

He visited every Premier League stadium while keeping a football off the ground using all parts of his body except his hands.  He setoff from Fulham’s Craven Cottage at 8am and finished at Tottenham Hotspur’s White Hart Lane stadium around 10pm.

He now hopes to visit every Premier League ground doing his footie tricks – that’s a lot of bouncing!

The ball he used is now going to travel 10,000 miles to Johannesburg in South Africa for the opening of the World Cup.  On its journey, the football will be taken through Europe and 17 African countries.

The ball was hand-stitched in Africa by Alive & Kicking, a UK-based social enterprise that runs stitching factories in Kenya and Zambia. Thousands of leather footballs are stitched and distributed free of charge to underprivileged African children as part of the scheme.  Alive & Kicking director Will Prochaska said: “We’re really excited about Dan’s world record attempt. It’s a fitting way to begin The Ball’s journey to the World Cup in South Africa and we’re very proud that a ball hand-stitched by Alive & Kicking in Kenya will be the centrepiece of this amazing footballing spectacle”.

Dan’s Website: www.danmagness.com

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