Danger is Still Everywhere is out now!

Danger is Still Everywhere, so Docter Noel is back to help!
beware of the dog danger is still everywhere

Docter Noel is back with his brand new danger handbook – Danger is Still Everywhere!


Docter Noel Zone is the greatest (and only) Dangerologist in the world and he is here to teach you all about danger and how to avoid it, from sneaky snakes that pose as toothbrushes, to robots disguised as friendly grandmas!

Danger is Still Everywhere is the second funny book by author David O’Doherty and illustrator Chris Judge and this time Docter Noel Zone is facing even BIGGER dangers.

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In this new book, Docter Noel is trying to write his very important second handbook on Dangerology but he is facing his most terrifying situation EVER!

A little dog called Napkin has come to stay, so Docter Noel is hiding in a wardrobe as Napkin wreaks havoc around the Dangerzone. As every POD (short for Pupil of Dangerology) knows, the only safe pet is a pet rock!

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