Danny Baker Record Breaker: The World’s Biggest Bogey

The World's Biggest BogeyLike many young boys, Danny Baker wants to be the best in the world at something – anything – and he doesn’t care how stinky, sticky, itchy, slimy, noisy, or grubby he gets on his way to becoming a Record Breaker!

Eternally optimistic, he writes to Mr Bibby, Keeper of the Records, with hilarious accounts of his yucky endeavours.  Mr Bibby encourages Danny’s many attempts, making sure he sticks to the rules and does everything By The Book.

This is the exciting new book in Danny’s attempt to break a record.  The book contains two stories:

The Toxic Toes
Danny’s Dad is the Best Goalkeeper in the World Ever, and Danny wants to be the best in the world at something too. With the help of his best mate Matthew, and plenty of suggestions from Mr Bibby at the Great Big Book of World Records, Danny sets out on his quest.

  • Just how many bogeys can one nose produce, and how heavy can a ball of snot be? (DB attempt: 1.4 grams)
  • Can Danny make his big sister mad by giving her his nits, and just how many nits are on a single human head? (DB attempt: 109)
  • Why doesn’t Danny ever change his underpants?
  • Will Coalclough Sparrows get knocked out of the cup?
  • And most important of all – will Danny become a Record Breaker, just like his Dad?

The Baffled Brain Boffins
After what seems like a simple shopping trip with Mum goes horribly wrong, Danny wakes up in a weird and wonderful world, where ladies have beards, trumps can break windows, and all the grown ups are wearing nappies.

  • Why does Danny insist his cardigan is full of holes, when he doesn’t even have a cardigan?
  • How many types of fart are on Matthew’s list?
  • When did Danny change his name to Drainy Babbler?
  • And most important of all, how can Danny be a Record Breaker when only his best friend can understand a word he says?

Baffled? So are the Boffins!

About the Author
Steve Hartley is a sensible man. He has a sensible job, a sensible family, lives in a sensible house and drives a sensible car. But underneath it all, he longs to be silly. There have been occasional forays into silliness: Steve has been a football mascot named Desmond Dragon, and has tasted World Record success himself — taking part in both a mass yodel and a mass yo-yo. But he wanted more, and so his alter-ego — Danny Baker, Record Breaker — was created. Steve lives in Lancashire with his wife and teenage daughter.

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