Dan’s Blog: I’m in Cardiff with Mr Peabody & Sherman’s Waybac!


danHey it’s┬áDan!

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I’m so excited because the movie Mr Peabody and Sherman is out on DVD!

It’s all about a genius dog who goes time-travelling with his son in a machine he invented, called the Waybac!

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This week, I’m going on tour around the UK with the Waybac!

Yesterday I was in London, and today I’m in Cardiff in Wales!

And at the start, it was really wet!

Matt Johnson - CardiffEven though we had an actual time-machine, people wanted to stay indoors in the warmth, than come out to see the Waybac.

Eventually the sun came out, and people went to see the Waybac – they could get pictures in Rome, Florence or Greece!

Matt Johnson, who’s a TV Presenter on ITV’s This Morning, was there with his dog Louis, a Scottish Terrier!

I’m loving being on this tour, and getting to see loads of different places around the UK! I’m still going to Manchester and Glasgow, hopefully see you there.

Mr Peabody and Sherman is out now on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

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