Do you know how cool water is?

KSJ7956 BV043Although we love this great summer weather, it has been getting pretty hot in Fun Kids HQ. As a result we have been getting very thirsty and drinking lots and lots and lots of water!  After drinking our millionth glass of water we started to talk about how amazingly important water is. So we decided to look it up on the internet and ended up finding a whole bunch of really interesting facts that we thought we’d share.

For example, did you know that even though 75% of the Earth is covered with water only 3% can be used as drinking water!

Here are some other cool facts to impress your friends with:

  • Although a person can live without food for more than a month, a person can only live without water for approximately one week!
  • Most of your body is made up by water (60-70% to be exact). That means you’re only about 30% different to a snowman!
  • Over three quarters of the water we can drink is frozen in the polar ice caps
  • Ancient Egyptians didn’t have the water filters we have today obviously, but they had their very own system: they would siphon water out of the top of huge jars after allowing all the muddy water from the Nile River to settle
  • Water boils at exactly 100 degrees Celsius and freezes at exactly 0 degrees Celsius
  • Whilst the Earth may have changed a lot over the past billion years, water has actually stayed the same. In fact, the water on Earth right now is made up of the same minerals and elements that made up water that made up the water that was on the planet while the dinosaurs were wandering around!

So there are a bunch of pretty cool facts to show off with when the opportunity comes up!


250ml x4 FS H20 AppleAnd if you want a really tasty drink that is made up nearly entirely of water, try Robinson’s new Fruit Shoot H2O Spring Water Drink. It’s a tasty drink with a choice of flavours, such as natural blackcurrant, orange, or apple flavour. And the best thing about it is that mums actually want you to have it! Since it’s almost completely water and has no sugar or artificial colours and flavours, it is really good at stopping you from getting too thirsty – especially useful when you’re running around the garden all day!

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