Did you see the Fireball Meteor this Week?

meteor_1775210cMeteors are incredibly rare and beautiful things to see, and so many people in the UK were extremely luck this past Wednesday when they got to see one – and a pretty spectacular one too!

People from England, Scotland and Wales all reported spotting a bright streak of light race across the sky in the early evening, with people saying they thought it looked like a ‘fireball’.

However, despite startling people with it’s brightness, experts reckon the fireball meteor was probably only the size of a football!

This meteor was spotted just before the annual Geminid space shower. For anyone into space or science or just beautiful displays, then we highly recommend you check this out.

It is an incredibly space display which will peak this Monday. Experts believe that the spotting of this fireball meteor suggests this year’s Geminid could be the best display ever.

Did you see the metor? What did it look like? Leave a comment below!

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What is a meteor?

A meteor is the streak of bright light that can be seen from Earth when a meteorite enters the atmosphere.

The actual object entering the atmosphere is called a meteorite, and it is usually a piece of an asteroid. The term meteor refers only to the image created by this entry – a bright light falling from the sky.

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