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I’m just a 9-year-old girl who’s just trying to make sense out of the 4th grade, so I jot down rules to help myself remember how to be a good sister, student, and friend – and also not to eat anything red. That’s a rule!

Want to know more of my rules? Then read these books, all about moi!

Those are the words of Allie Finkle, the star of a fantastic series of books by Meg Cabot. With currently five stories in the series, each book focuses on Allie Finkle’s making (and breaking) of rules all over the place as she deals with everything that life can throw at her, whether it’s moving house or handling the meanest girl in class!

Each week we will be telling you about one of the stories in this series so you too can learn how to make and break rules from the very best!

Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls: The New Girl

newgirl-titleThis is the second sensational book in Meg Cabot’s hilarious series for tweens – now with a stuning new cover look!

Allie Finkle likes rules – they help to keep her life in order, especially when she’s just moved house and things begin to spiral out of your control! Starting a new school, making new friends and saving the life of an abandoned kitten is hard enough without Rosemary, the meanest girl in the class, deciding to pick on you.

But Allie knows how to fight back (you have to be tough when you have two little brothers, right?) and the most important rule of all is that ‘You can’t let a bully know she’s bothering you, or otherwise the bully wins.’

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