Really, Really Big Questions!

reallyreallybigquestionsWe have found a great series of books, ideal to get you thinking about all those questions that pop into our mind and bother us – those big questions about life and the universe!

Really, Really, Big Questions are a series illustrated by Nishant Choksi, whose cool drawings instantly make you understand things a little bit more!

These are cool and unique books ideal to open your mind and get you thinking in an entirely new way.

100 Really, Really Big Questions

Written by Dr Stephen Lewis – who is a really clever philosopher – this edition is an unusual and fun introduction to philosophy that explores life’s important but often unanswered questions.

You will be able to explore the history of thought and the great thinkers and learn how to think rationally for themselves.

Throughtout the book, you will come across mind-teasers, optical illusions and thought experiments that are guaranteed to get you thinking as well as have loads of fun!

bigquestionsspacetimeReally, Really Big Questions about Space and Time

This time you get a just as unusual introduction to space, science and astrophysics, written by Mark Brake.

You will encounter massive, complicated, weird and often unanswered questions, such as: Does the Universe have a shape? What makes sunshine? Do stars explode? How do you build a time machine? and Do aliens look like me?

Your head will spin – with knowledge!


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