Discover The Wychwood Fairies!

If you love fairies then we have found two books absolutely perfect for you!

The Wychwood Fairies

wychwood fairiesIf you’re looking for a really fun, exciting book to read over the Christmas holidays, then we highly recommend you go out and get The Wychwood Fairies. This book is full of adventure and imagination that we loved!

Not all fairies live at the bottom of the garden as Harriet Everdene is about to find out!

Harriet is an adventurer who has been hired by the illustrious Fairy Aerodynamic Exploration Society to track down the elusive Wychwood fairies.

No one, so far, has been able to find them. Will Harriet and her faithful pet dragon Eric be up to the job?

You  can really joing Harriet on her quest as you read her removable letters and postcards, search every inch of Wychwood and camp out overnight on a midnight hunt for fairies.

The Wychwood Fairies is full of really great artwork too, and combined with the entertaining story and other novelty elements as well this book  is ideal for all fans of fairies… and adventure!

My Fairy Magic School

fairy magic schoolThis is the latest pop-up book from Maggie Bateson, who has written numerous other popular fairy-based books, such as My Fairy Showtime, My Fair Princess Palace and My Fairy Treehouse.

Everyone’s favourite fairies are off to the Spectacular Spell Competition at the Three Wishes Fairy School, an amazing magical castle set high-up in the mountains.

There’s an ice crystal waterfall, a balloon ride to enjoy, magic flying lessons and so many amazing rooms to explore.

Read the story, press-out the characters and take them on a tour of this gloriously glittering pop-up school!


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