Disney Club Penguin’s new multiplayer game – Card-Jitsu Snow!

Snow-Ninja-Pose2Club Penguin have just announced a new multi-player game that’s coming out this Thursday (23rd May).

It’s called Card-Jitsu Snow and you have to help save Club Penguin Island by learning the art of Card-Jitsu Snow!

Face the snow minions and defeat them in the rock-paper-scissors type game and finally battle the ultimate Card-Jitsu Snow master.

There’s also loads more going on in Club Penguin thanks to Card-Jitsu Snow like…

-dressing your penguins as ninjas,

-getting exclusive items like bonsai trees and sushi tables,

-the chance to meet Sensei and loads more!

Click here to find out more!

And check out the Card-Jitsu Snow video…

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