Disney Pixar Classic Album Collection


Disney Pixar’s Classic Album Selection brings together 5 albums, showcasing great music from Monsters, Inc. Wall-E, Finding Nemo, Cars and Toy Story.

Monsters, Inc. – Renowned film composer Randy Newman takes us through the exhilarating world of Monsters, Inc. with his score featuring Billy Crystal’s Academy Award winning song ‘’If I Didn’t Have You’’.

Wall-E –Thomas Newman’s score from the stunning Academy Award winner Wall-E, is described as a ‘space opera’ of sounds, transporting the listeners to a vision of the future, which features a closing number co-written and sung by the legendary Peter Gabriel – “Down To Earth”.

Finding Nemo – Thomas Newman’s score to this undersea adventure is an inventive and lively accompaniment to the critically acclaimed animation, and features Robbie Williams’ rendition of “Beyond The Sea”.

Cars – An original score composed by Randy Newman takes listeners on an exhilarating journey through an array of pop/rock tracks too and includes “Real Gone” performed by Sheryl Crow and “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts.

Toy Story Music Mania – A combination of the very best tracks from Pixar’s most successful feature animations ‘The Toy Story’ trilogy including Academy Award nominated classics such as: “When She Loved Me” and “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”.

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1. Billy Crystal, John Goodman If I Didn’t Have You

2. Randy Newman Monsters, Inc.

3. Randy Newman School

4. Randy Newman Walk To Work

5. Randy Newman Sulley And Mike

6. Randy Newman Randall Appears

7. Randy Newman Enter The Heroes

8. Randy Newman The Scare Floor

9. Randy Newman Oh Celia!

10. Randy Newman Boo’s Adventures in Monstropolis

11. Randy Newman Boo’s Tired

12. Randy Newman Putting Boo Back

13. Randy Newman Boo Escapes

14. Randy Newman Celia’s Mad

15. Randy Newman Boo Is A Cube

16. Randy Newman Mike’s In Trouble

17. Randy Newman The Scream Extractor

18. Randy Newman Sulley Scares Boo

19. Randy Newman Exile

20. Randy Newman Randall’s Attack

21. Randy Newman The Ride Of The Doors

22. Randy Newman Waternoose Is Waiting

23. Randy Newman Boo’s Going Home

24. Randy Newman Kitty

25. Randy Newman If I Didn’t Have You

Disc 2 – Side 1

1. Michael Crawford, Barbra Streisand, Company Put On Your Sunday Clothes 1969 Soundtrack Recording

2. Thomas Newman 2815 A. D.

3. Thomas Newman WALL*E

4. Thomas Newman The Space Ship

5. Thomas Newman Eve

6. Thomas Newman Thrust

7. Thomas Newman Bubble Wrap

8. Louis Armstrong La Vie En Rose Single Version

9. Thomas Newman Eye Surgery

10. Thomas Newman Worry Wait

11. Thomas Newman First Date

12. Thomas Newman Eve Retrieve

13. Thomas Newman The Axiom

14. Thomas Newman BNL

15. Thomas Newman Foreign Contaminant

16. Thomas Newman Repair Ward

17. Thomas Newman 72 Degrees And Sunny

18. Thomas Newman Typing Bot

19. Thomas Newman Septuacentennial

20. Thomas Newman Gopher

21. Thomas Newman WALL*E’s Pod Adventure

22. Thomas Newman Define Dancing

23. Thomas Newman No Splashing No Diving

24. Thomas Newman All Than Love’s About

25. Thomas Newman M-O

26. Thomas Newman Directive A-113

27. Thomas Newman Mutiny!

28. Thomas Newman Fixing WALL*E

29. Thomas Newman Rogue Robots

30. Thomas Newman March Of The Gels

31. Thomas Newman Tilt

32. Thomas Newman The Holo-Detector

33. Thomas Newman Hyperjump

34. Thomas Newman Desperate Eve

35. Thomas Newman Static

36. Michael Crawford It Only Takes A Moment

37. Peter Gabriel Down To Earth

38. Thomas Newman Horizon 12.2

Disc 3 – Side 1

1. Thomas Newman Wow

2. Thomas Newman Barracuda

3. Thomas Newman Nemo Egg (Main Title)

4. Thomas Newman First Day

5. Thomas Newman Field Trip

6. Thomas Newman Mr. Ray, Scientist

7. Thomas Newman The Divers

8. Thomas Newman Lost

9. Thomas Newman Short-Term Dory

10. Thomas Newman Why Trust A Shark

11. Thomas Newman Friends Not Food

12. Thomas Newman Fish-O-Rama

13. Thomas Newman Gill

14. Thomas Newman Mt. Wannahockaloogie

15. Thomas Newman Foolproof

16. Thomas Newman Squishy

17. Thomas Newman Jellyfish Forest

18. Thomas Newman Stay Awake

19. Thomas Newman School of Fish

20. Thomas Newman Filter Attempt

21. Thomas Newman The Turtle Lope

22. Thomas Newman Curl Away My Son

23. Thomas Newman News Travels

24. Thomas Newman The Little Clownfish From the Reef Score

25. Thomas Newman Darla Filth Offramp

26. Thomas Newman Lost in Fog

27. Thomas Newman Scum Angel

28. Thomas Newman Haiku

29. Thomas Newman Time to Let Go

30. Thomas Newman Sydney Harbour

31. Thomas Newman Pelicans

32. Thomas Newman Drill

33. Thomas Newman Fish In My Hair!

34. Thomas Newman All Drains Lead to the Ocean Score

35. Thomas Newman …P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney… Score

36. Thomas Newman Fishing Grounds

37. Thomas Newman Swim Down

38. Thomas Newman Finding Nemo

39. Thomas Newman Fronds Like These

40. Robbie Williams Beyond the Sea

Disc 4 – Side 1

1. Sheryl Crow Real Gone

2. Chuck Berry Route 66

3. Rascal Flatts Life Is A Highway

4. Brad Paisley Behind The Clouds

5. Randy Newman Our Town

6. The Chords Sh-Boom

7. John Mayer Route 66

8. Brad Paisley Find Yourself

9. Randy Newman La Carrera Inicia

10. Randy Newman McQueen Se Pierde

11. Hank Williams, The Drifting Cowboys My Heart Would Know Single Version

12. Randy Newman Bessie

13. Randy Newman Corriendo En Tierra

14. Randy Newman Nueva Calle

15. Randy Newman Volteando Tractores

16. Randy Newman McQueen Y Sally

17. Randy Newman Adiós

18. Randy Newman La Emoción Antes De La Carrera

19. Randy Newman La Copa Pistón

20. Randy Newman La Gran Carrera

Disc 5 – Side 1

1. Gipsy Kings You’ve Got a Friend in Me (para el Buzz Español)

2. Randy Newman We Belong Together

3. Randy Newman I Will Go Sailing No More

4. Randy Newman Strange Things

5. Sarah McLachlan When She Loved Me

6. Riders In The Sky Woody’s RoundUp

7. Riders In The Sky Jessie, the Yodelin’ Cowgirl

8. Helen Darling Woody’s Waltz

9. Riders In The Sky The Ballad of Bullseye

10. Joe York I Think I’d Be Perfect For You

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