Do you believe in Aliens?

Do you believe that Aliens exist?

Us lot at Fun Kids can’t be sure but we do often see a U.F.O! An Ugly Friendly Ogre, he presents a show called Team Josh every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm.

Well apparently over half of you believe that Aliens have visited the earth. We know this because Ben 10 Omniverse did a survey all about alien lifeforms!

1 in 3 of you in the East Midlands have apparently seen the Aliens! That’s a lot of Alien sightings!

So we’re ready for the Alien invasion, Ben 10 Omniverse have put Alien Attack Boxes all across the country!

The first people to discover the boxes will win a collection of Ben 10 Omniverse toys.

Apparently half of you think that the Aliens are green! So keep an eye out for strange green creatures walking around and try to find an Alien Attack Box as quickly as possible!

Do you think there’s life out there?

Click here to find out more about the alien attacks!