‘Dog Did It’ and ‘Tales of Trouble: Undercover Aliens’

For younger children

DogDidItDog Did It

By Lynne Garner, Mike Brownlow

This book stinks! It’s full of worm porridge, rumbly tummies and trumping aliens!

Boris loves to eat green worm porridge, even though it upsets his tummy. When his tummy grumbles and rumbles and the inevitable happens at the bus stop and in town, Boris blames the dog.

Phooey! What a whiff! But this time it’s not Boris at all – this time it IS the little dog, but will anyone believe Boris?

The perfect story for anyone who has ever blamed the dog!

Published by Piccadilly Press

For older children

UndercoverAliensTales of Trouble: Undercover Aliens

By Ceci Jenkinson

This story has aliens in spades including three-legged alien pets, a UFO and a really evil guy called Zolborg Naphax from the planet Quorkidellian.

Have you ever wondered if there are aliens living next door to you? Oli thinks the new family across the road, the Kuznets, are aliens and it’s about to land him and his mate Skipjack in a whole lot of trouble!

For the Kuznets aren’t from Kalamistan at all, they really are aliens, and they need help to get home – and to escape the clutches of that evil guy from the planet Quorkidellian.

Can Oli save the Kuznets, and Earth, from the clutches of Zolborg Naphax?

Published by Faber & Faber


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