Dream Destinations Revealed!

CHE01053There’s so many cool places all over the world, each with their own unique history, culture and people.

In fact there are so many interesting destinations it’s hard to keep track of them all!

To help you with that, this Easter Heathrow has installed giant globes in all of its terminals, including one that measures a giant 3m by 3m in Terminal 5!

CST01241You will be able to explore each one to help you learn more about the world, plus special maps will be handed out to young travellers to take away. The perfect way for you to plan your next travelling adventure!

And it got us thinking, what is the most popular destination out there for kids?

So over the past few weeks we’ve been asking for you to vote for your favourite destination .

We got absolutely loads of votes, so thank you so much for that!

And now we can reveal the Top 5 Dream Destinations!

5th. Hawaii

4th. New York

3rd. Sidney

2nd. Australia

And in 1st place it is… Orlando, Florida!

And here were some of our favourite comments from you:

April and Stephanie Holden (14 and 8)
Abu Dhabi ,because our Auntie is moving there soon ,with our baby cousin ,and we haven’t seen him since he was born .And it’s HOT!

Rosie Prior (5)

Oliver Bell (10)
Atlantis 🙂

Winghoi Tang (9)
Australia or South Africa or Falkland Islands because they all have penguins

Amelia Birch (5)
Bulgaria, because we had lovely pool, lots of nice shops, a super beach to play on and mummy didn’t have to pay for my food or ice creams and pancakes (we went all inclusive). Want my mummy to take me back. We went to a big local market and had a funny bun (bulgarian pastry)

Bryony Hickson (11)
Carribean. I have been dreaming to go there ever since i was little!

Ani Costa
Cyprus!Me and my family went to Protaras in the summer and stayed on a hotel next to the beach..it was so much fun!

Skye Primrose (14)
disney land. id love to meet some lovely princesses and have fun with minnie and micky mouse x

Millie Goodchild (4.5)
Disney World, Florida. Because it’s fun and because I might see Mickey Mouse.  And I might see Minnie Mouse.  And I might see everyone which is in Disney.  And I might go into Cinderella’s Castle to eat and to be a princess.  And I might get to go in the Halloween Party in Disney.””

Taylor Hargreaves
egypt so i can swin with the fishes and sharks like grandad did

Nicolas (12)
the Galapagos Islands to see the giant tortoises!

Morgan Rowley (9)
Saariselka in Finland – home to the real Father Christmas

Jason Handley (8)
Paris to watch tennis on clay.

Craig Oliver (9)
my dream destination would be Africa so I could see all the wild lions and elephants

Charlie Moore (10)
My dream destination is New York because i think this place is interesting and i would love to see the statue of liberty please pick me from Charlie Moore

Cate Taylor (10)
My dream destination is Dubai! Where I would sleep in a five-star hotel and play on the beach all day. Then at night I would go back to the hotel and have a delicious dinner of chips, beans and a cheese omellete with warm chocolate brownies, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream for dessert. I would do lots of exciting outdoor activities as well, for example; horse riding. I would stay in Dubai for a week and on the last day go shopping and buy my family and friends lots of presents!

Alice (13)
Mission Beach in Queensland, Australia. It’s where my Mum and Dad met and they never shut up about how beautiful it was, how close to the Great Barrier Reef, how long the perfect beach, how bright the sun, how happy the people, blah, blah, blah!

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