Dyno Rod Toilet of the Future Competition WINNERS!

DynovationOver the past month we’ve teamed up with Dyno Rod to try and find the Toilet of the Future. We asked you to send in your designs of what you think toilets in the future will be like and we had tons of amazing ideas.

The judges have looked over all the toilets now and they’ve announced the winners! Here they are…

Reception/Year 1

1st Luke Davenport – adjustable height, features an iPad for games, spring on seat to go from side to side and over bumps as you play the game

2nd Chloe Donnelly – plays music and stops when you flush

3rd Evie Summerfield – fluffy seat, headphones, puzzles on toilet roll and princess shoes to try on while on the loo!

Runner up Clara Salt – the story telling toilet


Years 2-3

1st James Spatz – water from the sink is used to flush the toilet

2nd Isabella Tuveri – colourful and funky/listen to music/foot spa/electronic newspaper

3rd Roxy Talbot-Ashby – nature toilet with bumble bee pillow

Runner up Riley Djelassi – racing car toilet with gearshift to flush


Years 4-7

1st Euan Lockie – uses alien bugs to eat human waste and turn it into compost

2nd Sienna Somers – pretty cube toilet that analyses your poo and gives health advice

3rd Oliver Hicks – DYNamic RODney – plays music, changes colour, automatic flush and self-cleaning

Runner up Tyler Djelassi – football fan toilet – comes in different team colours


The overall winner of the entire competition was Euan Lockie with his alien bug toilet. Congratulations Euan!

Now here are the winning designs!

[cincopa AkHAqXrmeRGA]

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