Earth Version 2 is Discovered!

new earthScientists have got rather excited in recent days and you can understand why – they have just discovered a new Earth-like planet, which could support human life!

This ‘new Earth’, called Gliese 581G, has enough gravity to allow an atmosphere, is just about the right distance from the Sun so it’s the right temperature to survive and it is also believed it could have water.

Two other planets had been found in the same system, but one was deemed too hot and the other too cold – sounds a bit like a sci-fi version of Goldilocks to me!

The planet is a little bit bigger than earth and whilst it sounds quite far away – 12o trillion miles away to be exact! – in space terms that is actually quite close.

This has sparked fresh hope that there could be many other lifeforms existing in the universe, and this planet will now be an important target for future space missions looking for this life.

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